Kitsap Clean: COVID-19 and Our Commitment to You

March 14, 2022

UPDATE: It has been two very long years since Covid-19 emerged and our Covid-19 protocols were put in place. Given the recent lifting of the indoor mask requirement in Washington state, we have decided to modify our policies slightly, to provide both clients ongoing protection if they prefer our staff to remain masked, but also allowing our employees to worked unmasked in certain situations.

Here is our new policy regarding masking for our team:

Upon arrival at a clients home, all team members are to be masked. If a client indicates it is okay for them to remove their masks while cleaning, they are allowed to remove their mask. If no one is at home while cleaning, they are also allowed to be unmasked unless a client has requested they remain masked ahead of the visit.

Other policies we have that are still in place include:
* Team members have been instructed not to come to work if they have any Covid-19 symptoms until they have tested negative for Covid-19. (Tests have been provided to team members).
* Clients are asked to reschedule if anyone in their house has Covid-19 symptoms or has recently tested positive for Covid-19. We have eliminated all cancellation fees for last minute cancelations due to Covid-19.
* Employees are still being equipped with masks and gloves to use while cleaning (masks as required)

Thank you to all our valuable clients who have helped us get through this very difficult period!

May 5, 2021

Update: We want to thank all our customers for sticking with us through these difficult times. We are still open, and we are still following our COVID-19 policies. Please feel free to reach out to us using our contact form or by email (admin@kitsapclean) or phone (206) 866-9929 if you have any questions.

March 26, 2020

We understand that this is an uncertain time for everyone as the COVID-19 virus affects our community. We wanted to let our clients know that we ARE still open for business (we are an excluded service under the current stay-at-home order) but we are taking additional precautions to protect both our clients and workers. We remain committed to providing our clients safe household cleanings going forward!

First, we have asked all our employees to stay home if they have any symptoms whatsoever of COVID-19 and we have enhanced our social distancing and virus isolating practices. Here are some of the additional measures we have put in place:

  • Employees will be wearing masks at all times while on the job.
  • We have instructed our employees to engage in frequent hand washing before and after each job and to use hand sanitizer or wipes frequently. We are providing employees with a package of disinfectant wipes each day.
  • While on the job they will be maintaining a six foot distance from each other while working (working in separate areas of the home) and we also ask clients to also maintain this distance as well from our employees.
  • Employees are provided with a separate pair of gloves to wear for each job every day.
  • We are checking in with our employees each day and asking any that have any symptoms whatsoever to remain home. Fortunately, most of our employees come into contact with only a few individuals each day while on the job, and to date, we have not had a single employee exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.


We are also asking that clients inform us if there is anyone in their home displaying symptoms so we can reschedule their appointment for a much later date. 

** WE HAVE ELIMINATED ALL CANCELLATION FEES at this point so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns about the virus and wish to reschedule **

We will be contacting all clients before each job to confirm there is no sick individuals in their household and also to see if they prefer we stick to green cleaning products or if they would rather us use our bleach-based cleaning products.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out by email at or phone at (206) 866-9929.

If you are interested in booking new service with us, you can use our online booking system or call our office to schedule a visit. Thank you to all our customers for your continued support!

Michelle Day
Owner, Kitsap Clean