What are your labor practices?

We want to be a socially responsible employer. This starts with paying a living wage (starting at $15 an hour) to all our employees, and then offering regularly scheduled pay raises.

All our cleaning professionals are paid employees, not independent contractors. They receive paid vacation time off, including federal holidays, as well as paid sick leave (in compliance with the soon to be enacted Initiative Measure No. 1433). As employees, they also receive social security benefits, workman’s compensation insurance and unemployment insurance benefits.

In addition, we also offer paid training and we seek to foster a collaborative and healthy work environment. Many of our employees are parents who work while their children are at school. We seek to create work schedules that allow for our employees to easily drop off and pick up their children.

It is important to us that we recruit employees who will stay with us for the long term, have regular opportunities for wage growth and that they are able to work in a happy and healthy work environment. Interesting in working for us? Visit the Join Our Team page to learn more!