caringcleansGiving back to our community is an important part of our business philosophy. Towards this end we have started our “Caring Cleans” program for those in need of a house cleaning but are unable to afford the service due to illness, age or other life circumstances that makes house cleaning difficult.

If you would like to nominate someone for our monthly “Caring Cleans” program, please do so using the form below.


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Recent Caring Clean Recipients

Tracy J. (Bremerton)

Tracy was nominated by two people – her husband and a good friend. She is a hard working military wife who has often served as a mentor for other wives in her husband’s division. But recently she has struggled with a family tragedy that resulted in the death of her brother and sister, as well as a cancer diagnosis. Anthony, her husband, writes “She does so much for every one that I know and does not ask for anything back from anyone. So much so that she would be really mad at me for entering this. But … I know she would love the help even though she doesn’t ask for it.”  We were happy to select her as our very first Caring Clean recipient in 2017!

Felicia C. (Kingston)

“Don’t let the alpacas out!” Felicia warned us when we scheduled our appointment to provide her a caring clean. We have to say this was a first! We were very touched by the letter Felicia’s husband wrote us when he nominated Felicia for a caring clean: “My wife is one of a kind.. she tends our three small children, our farm of alpacas, sheep, chickens, cats and dogs. She is the rock that holds our family together, always giving her time, energy and love to make sure everyone is cared for…This last year life has taken quite the turn. She has been to the emergency room multiple times after passing out and being tachycardic.. She’s everything to me and if I can take this one thing off of her plate so she can just focus on trying to get all of her bodily systems under control, it’s the least I can do.”  Thank you Felicia for letting us visit your lovely home and farm!