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Kitsap Clean offers three different cleaning packages: the Deep Clean, the Maintenance Clean, and the Moving Clean. 

All of our first time customers will need to start with the deep clean package for their home. After this initial deep cleaning, we recommend regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings – usually on an every other week basis.

The Deep Clean (& First Time Service)

This is our most intensive cleaning service and this cleaning package is recommended for those who have not used a cleaning service recently or who are new clients.

Although this is often a popular service during the Spring months (“Spring Cleaning”), deep cleans can be done during anytime of the year and are generally recommended every three to four months.

During a deep clean we will pay close attention to the areas of your home that are often missed during your regular cleaning activities. Deep cleans are also a great choice if you are planning a special event or preparing for the holidays. Deep cleaning is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but health reasons as well. A deep clean can help rid your home of germs, allergens and toxins that can accumulate throughout the years.

Full Deep Cleaning List

The Maintenance Clean

A maintenance clean is the recommended followup for our deep clean customers. Depending on your household, we suggest maintenance cleanings be done on a weekly or every other week schedule.

Full Maintenance Cleaning List

The Moving Clean

Are you moving in or out of a home and need it to be thoroughly cleaned? This is the package for you. A moving cleaning is similar to our deep cleaning package, but it also assumes that the house will be empty (including cabinets and drawers) and everything is easily accessible to clean. This deep cleaning package will include the interior of cabinets and drawers, interior closet spaces and other areas not normally cleaned during our normal deep clean packages.

If you have any questions about the difference cleaning packages or if you are interested in a custom cleaning package order, please contact us.

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